Alexey’s Expertise of Ezekiel Choke Featured as “Oleynik Choke”

Oleynik Choke: Russian UFC heavyweight finishes opponent with signature move again

Russian MMA veteran, Alexey Oleynik, once again executed his signature Ezekiel Choke move to finish his opponent on Saturday at UFC 224 in Brazil.

Oleynik, who holds one of the most impressive submission records in professional MMA, with over 40 victories coming from tapping of his opponents out, has once again proven his moniker ‘The Boa Constrictor,’ when fighting in Rio De Janeiro.

Oleynik’s younger opponent, Junior Albini, 27, started the bout throwing some hard jabs, and even leaving a cut under the Russian’s right eye early in the fight. But the Brazilian could not do anything after the 40-year-old veteran applied his signature choke just a minute and 30 seconds in the first round, while the two engaged in a clinch in the center of the octagon.

Albini tried to get away from the choke by front-throwing his opponent on the canvas, but that is where Oleynik’s game is even more dangerous. He closed the choke and didn’t release it until Albini tapped. The UFC unsurprisingly rewarded the veteran with the bonus for the best submission of the night.

It’s interesting to note, that the so-called Ezekiel Choke, named after Ezequiel Paraguassu, a Brazilian judoka famed for defeating his opponents by using it, was first used to gain a UFC victory in January 2017 by Oleynik himself.

Explaining the technique of the hold in the interview with Russian media, Oleynik later stressed that while the original Ezekiel Choke is used in Judo, where fighters wear robes, and the sleeve is used to apply it, he uses it without any additional grip. And even jokingly suggested to call it the ‘Oleynik Choke’.

Keeping in mind that with the second UFC victory using the move, the Russian has become probably the most famous MMA practitioner to finish his opponents with it so it might be as well remembered as the Oleynik Choke.

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